Connecting Chicago Community Gardeners

We participated in an amazing gathering this past weekend, called Connecting Chicago Community Gardeners, called CCCG for short. The gathering brought together gardeners from all around Chicago, to learn, network, and cultivate a strong garden community in Chicago. Through these connections, Chicago community gardeners can support each other, form an alliance to help pass favorable legislation, and help to create thousands more gardens in the city.

The morning began with a panel discussion covering some of the issues and challenges facing community gardeners, such as how to get a community garden started, soil testing, what to do about pests, where to find educational resources, and more. After lunch, the 200+ participants in the gathering attended one of four workshops being held: water conservation, policy and advocacy, community organizing, and fundraising.

Throughout the day, Helix River was on site to capture the event: Ryan was filming interviews with participants throughout the day and recording some of the workshops, and Naiyma Wright was shooting still photos. The interviews were very inspiring, hearing about all of the successes that gardeners have had, seeing some of the fantastic results that a community garden can have on a neighborhood, and learning about ways that gardeners have overcome the inevitable challenges of growing in an urban environment. Everyone also expressed a contagious excitement for the event itself, to have the opportunity to come together as a unified garden community, to strengthen our ties, and support the expansion of community gardening in Chicago.

We’ll be putting together a short video with all the interviews of the gardeners, along with some excerpts of the workshops.

The CCCG will be looking to organize more events in the future, as the day turned out to be a big success for everyone involved. We definitely will be there to help support the expansion of community gardening, and we’re looking forward to partnering with many of the expert gardeners to spread the knowledge!