How to Log Into a Site

Not sure how to log into a site? Don’t worry, this is a very common question for new WordPress site owners, and fortunately has a quick, easy solution 🙂 Here’s a a short video and step-by-step guide to logging into the WordPress administration area, where you can manage your site settings, add new content, and make changes to any part of your site:

  1. For most sites, the login screen is available by adding “/wp-admin” to your URL. For example, if your website is “”, the login address is “”
  2. Type in your username (preferably not “admin”, as that’s not a good username for security purposes), and your password (hopefully one with a solid combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols!)
  3. If you check “Remember me”, your login screen will remember your username next time, although you’ll have to type in your password again. Most browsers will offer to remember your password, which will be stored in the browser’s files on your computer. Whether or not you want to do this is up to you, as it can also pose a security risk to save your passwords. For more detail on this, check out this article in PC World:
  4. Once you’ve clicked the “Log in” button, you’ll be taken to your Administration Area, specifically to the Dashboard. We’ll talk more about this in a future post.

Any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!