Adding Pictures to Posts and Pages in WordPress

Adding pictures to posts and pages is pretty much standard fare on your site, quite obviously. Whether it’s a blog post or a page, the process of inserting an image is the same. In this example, I’ll cover how to add a picture that sits next to a block of text, and lets the text wrap around it.

Step 1

First open up the post or page you’d like to add the picture to. Drop your cursor right next to the text you’d like the picture to sit beside. Then click “Add Media”:

add pictures to posts and pages - step 1

Step 2

If you’ve already got some images in your media library, it will open the library, and you can find the one you want to include.  Otherwise, click “Upload Files” to add a new image to your site:

add pictures to post or page - step 2

Step 3

Drag and drop an image straight from a folder in your computer into this space, or simply click the “Select Files” button:

add pictures to post or page - step 3

Step 4

Once the image has been successfully uploaded, you’ll see it with a checkmark in the corner. Next, look at the “Attachment Details” on the right hand side. I recommend making the following changes:

    1. Give the image a descriptive title
    2. Copy and paste the same thing in the “Alt Text” (very important for search engines and accessibility!)
    3. Choose Alignment: Left or Right (to allow the text to wrap around the image)
    4. Link to “None” (unless you have Fancybox or similar image pop-up system in your theme)
    5. Change the size to Medium or Thumbnail, unless you want a very large image
add pictures to posts and pages - step 4

Step 5

Click the “Insert into Page” button in the bottom right. Click “Update” to save changes to the existing page, or “Publish” if this is a new page.

add pictures - insert into post - step 5