Creating or updating a website to modern standards entails a great deal of thought and planning, and it's easy for things to get messy quick. We have made lots of websites over the years, and can help to ensure that you end up with a well-designed, fully-functional, and highly user-friendly website.

Modern standards, mobile responsiveness, and speed optimization are simply part of the package. We wouldn't design it any other way.

Here is a comprehensive list of the services we can offer for your WordPress websites:

Features Included in All WordPress Packages

In order to ensure that every site we build is optimized for the modern web, we include all of the following features in every site package:

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Theme Selection and Customization

Sometimes finding the right theme for your site is the hardest part. We typically spend several hours sifting through mountains of theme product pages, comparing and narrowing down to find just the right theme for the job.

Why use a pre-built theme?

For a WordPress site, there are typically two routes: build a custom theme, or customize a pre-built theme purchased at a theme marketplace.

We always go with the latter option, using pre-built themes, for two primary reason: saving you money and ensuring optimized site performance.

If someone tries to sell you a custom WP theme, it will take at least twice as long to build, and therefore require at least twice the budget. Beyond that, theme marketplaces are very competitive, which has led to some extremely well-built themes that meet the needs of WP site owners. We've rarely seen any custom themes that even compare in terms of quality.

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Standard Plugin Integration

In order to ensure that every site we build is optimized and secure, we install a number of key WordPress plugins that pretty much every website will benefit from. While the particular plugins change from time to time, this is what we focus on:


Most people want their sites to be found, so we install a search engine optimization plugin that will get you on the way to Google-friendliness. No piece of code can do all the work for you, but the WP SEO plugin we install is a good start.

Site Backup

It's crucial to keep a regular backup of your website's files and database, just in case something goes wrong. We'll set this up to automatically run a backup on a daily or weekly basis.


Unfortunately, sites get hacked, and WordPress sites in particular have been known to be targets for hackers. We'll set up some security measures to minimize your risk, and will also coach you on some easy tips to ensure security.

Caching & Optimization

What the heck is this? In a nutshell, caching leads to faster loading sites. Particularly in this mobile-centric world, we want our sites to load fast. We'll set up a plugin to cache and optimize your loading times.

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Blog Setup

Blogs aren't just for bloggers. They're for anyone who has a website, and who wants people to find that website. Your blog, whether you choose to even call it that, is one of the main drivers of traffic to your site. We'll set up the blog for you, whether you are writing blog posts as a personal journal, or for a news site, or tutorials, or whatever type of content you're writing.

We can also work with a wide variety of blog layouts, so you're never going to be stuck with that "WordPressy-looking" site.

Features Included in Power and Premium Packages

Anything is possible with a WordPress site, and we can help to find the right functionality to achieve the goals of your organization. Here are some of the features we can install:


If you sell products, subscriptions, or any kind of service that can be booked and paid for online, your WordPress site can do much of the work for you. We will install a theme that is shopping cart-ready, and help to customize your product offerings. We usually use WooCommerce, but are always open to other options.

Events and Bookings

If your organization needs to advertise regularly occurring or even recurring events, we will install a calendar plugin that is easy to update, and displays your events beautifully. We can also set up bookings so that your customers can book and pay for events in advance. There are several different plugins we use for these purposes.

Online Courses

If you you want to offer online educational content, and even to sell these courses, WordPress is well-suited for the job. As a Content Management System, it's not a far stretch to integrate a Learning Management System. You can build modules, create topics, add videos and handouts, and even offer quizzes. Our preferred LMS plugin is LearnDash.

Online Forums

If connection and collaboration between your site visitors is a key part of your organization's needs, we can integrate a forum plugin that allows your members to create profiles, write topics, and build an ongoing conversation on your site. This is a fantastic way to encourage interaction between your visitors. bbPress is typically the plugin of choice for this.

Social Network

If you want to take a step further and build a full-blown social network in your site, WordPress won't let you down. Your visitors can create more extensive profiles, create groups, send messages to one another, and all the features you'd expect on a social networking site. WordPress's own BuddyPress is the dominant force in social network plugins.

What Else?

What do you have in mind for your site? Let us know your vision, and we'll work with you to find the right plugin functionality to bring your vision to life. That's one of the things we love best about WordPress, a seemingly endless array of possibilities. Let's build something amazing together.