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A Sustainable World in your Hands

The Path to Sustainable Living

The climate crisis threatens everything that we hold dear. But we can make a change. We can learn to live in balance with nature, we can learn to maintain our green and productive planet. We can learn to be not just consumers of resources, but the sustainers of our world.

Practical Advice on Your Devices

Sustnrs is a series of interactive multimedia guides to sustainable living, for your mobile devices or web browsers on PC and Mac. For each topic, you'll find step-by-step instructional videos, slideshows, text, and interactive features to help guide you towards sustainable living.

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Guides for All Sides of our Lives

There isn’t one single solution to the threat of climate change; in order to overcome this challenge, we need to take action on multiple fronts. Sustnrs has guides for covering every part of our lives, ranging from our food, our homes, our workplaces, and much more. The following projects are currently in the works:

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Practical Guides to Urban Agriculture

Learn to grow food, in whatever space you have: balconies, backyards, rooftops, community gardens... Grow will present tips and techniques of urban farming and gardening so that you, your family, and your community can enjoy healthy, organic, local produce. First volume available soon for iPad.

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Practical Guides to Sustainability at Home

In the Live series of guides, you’ll learn energy-saving tips, green cleaning, where to find the most eco-friendly appliances and household items, ways to conserve water, and more.

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Practical Guides to Sustainability at Work

Since we spend the greater part of our lives at work, we can make a huge impact on our carbon footprint if we change the ways of the modern workplace. Learn from expert consultants about ways to make your office or workplace green and sustainable.

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Practical Guides to Sustainable Construction

Whether building a new home or commercial structure, or retrofitting an existing building, learn ways to maximize energy-efficiency, to make use of recycled materials, to dispose of waste properly, and more.

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Practical Guides to Sustainable Energy

Although your power company may seem to hold all the cards, you actually have plenty of paths to green energy. Learn about modern energy alternatives for your home, how to make your own biodiesel fuel for your car, and other green energy options.


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