Training and Tutorials

While there are more learning resources than ever out there on there on the web, sometimes there’s no substitute for a live instructor in front of you, who’s able to answer your specific questions and help guide you to a solution. Obstacles arise no matter where you are in the learning process, and an experienced pro can help get you back on track when you’re stuck. We offer one-to-one and group lessons, both in person or on the web.

All that being said, we also recognize the tremendous value of capturing knowledge to share with others on the web, so we’re hard at work preparing some tutorials and training videos. Check this space regularly for updates.

Private Lessons and Tutoring We Offer

Tutorials and Training Videos

Learn the basics of WordPress, pick up some front-end coding skills, or learn the capabilities of Photoshop as an all-around digital media powerhouse. We’ll be adding new material regularly.

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