Learn to Build Beautiful Websites
from the Ground Up

Helix River offers one-on-one and group front-end development tutoring to help people of any skill level to learn to code in HTML, CSS, and the basics of integrating JavaScript and jQuery. If you plan to create anything on a digital screen, whether a website, an app, a digital book, or otherwise, learning HTML and CSS is a crucial step in your web design education. Applications like WordPress and Dreamweaver can save you lots of time, it’s true, but what happens when you need to troubleshoot your code? Knowing the code is crucial to being an effective website manager, designer, or developer.

Learn with us the skill of hand-coded HTML and CSS, and your webpages will be as solid inside as they are beautiful outside.

What You Can Learn:

The Fundamentals

If you’re totally new to web design or need to brush up on some of the basics, Ryan will help you pick up the basics of HTML & CSS coding so you have the confidence to build or manage your website. Here’s where we can start:

  • Internet basics
  • Intro to HTML:
    • Page structure
    • Creating links
    • Adding images
    • Working with tables
    • Working with forms
  • Intro to CSS
    • Selectors (tags, IDs, classes)
    • Typography and color basics
    • Fundamentals of page layout

The Next Level

As you gain skills and confidence in your coding, we can move forwards into more advanced CSS, as this will be the place you’ll likely spend much of your time in web design, as well as into the integration of JavaScript and jQuery. Some skills we can cover:

  • Styling with CSS:
    • CSS-based layout design principles
    • Responsive design and media queries
    • Customizing forms
    • Writing clean and efficient CSS code
  • Working with Bootstrap
  • Integration of jQuery plugins
  • Validation and cross-browser testing
Ryan Thompson

Meet the Tutor

Ryan Thompson

A veteran web designer with over 15 years experience, Ryan Thompson spends most of his time designing websites and creating digital multimedia. He has also taught web design and Photoshop for five years, in the classroom as well as in one-on-one lessons.

He brings both real-world web design experience and skill as a teacher, making even complex techniques and principles accessible to those he works with.



Locally in Madison, WI

We can meet anywhere within a 5-mile radius of 53703, typically at a coffee shop, your office, or other mutually convenient location. For one-on-one classes we can also meet at Ryan's office.


If you’re not in Madison, or perhaps traveling through the snow has got you down, we can easily meet online using a number of screen-sharing and meeting tools. It works great!

Book Classes for an Individual or Group

For one-on-one classes, we offer single classes at $75/hour or you can also get at a discount for purchasing block of five or more classes.

For groups, the rate is $75/hour for the first person, and then $20/hour for each additional person. We also offer discounts for purchasing class packages.