Advance Your Career by Developing
Some Photoshop Chops

Helix River offers one-on-one and group Photoshop tutoring to help people of any skill level to become confident, skilled users of the software. Photoshop has been the golden standard in software for photo editing, compositing, and even design for over 20 years. With such a long history and wide range of tools, that also means the program can be quite intimidating.

If you’re brand new to Photoshop, it’s nearly a requirement to have some help getting started, as it’s pretty easy to go down the wrong path and get frustrated fast. If you’ve been using Photoshop for years (and very likely are self-taught as many of us are), you’ll still benefit greatly from learning some shortcuts and efficient ways of working.

What You Can Learn:

The Fundamentals

If you’re totally new to Photoshop or need to brush up on some of the basics, Ryan will help you gain the skills to confidently edit your photos and put this powerful program to work for you. Some skills we can cover:

  • The Photoshop work environment
  • Basic tools (selections, document management, and retouching)
  • Making clean pixel selections
  • The Layers panel
  • Image adjustment techniques
  • Resizing
  • Exporting images to print or web

The Next Level

To really get the creative results that Photoshop is renowned for, we need to master the art of compositing: the ability to combine multiple images and pieces of images together. Another highly valuable skill is editing RAW images. These are some of the skills to get you there:

  • Non-destructive editing
  • Fills and overlays
  • Masks
  • Vector paths
  • Creative compositing tips and techniques
  • Smart filters
  • Layer comps
  • Working with Adobe Camera Raw

Photoshop for the Web

Many people use Photoshop primarily to edit large batches of images for use on a website. You can do things the long, tedious way; or you can let Photoshop do most of the work. We can also use it as a powerful design tool. Some of what you can learn:

  • Principles of creating images for the web
  • Actions and automating web tasks
  • Slicing images
  • Creating design mock-ups
  • Basic animations (GIF and video)
Ryan Thompson

Meet the Tutor

Ryan Thompson

Adobe Certified Expert in PhotoshopA veteran Photoshopper with over 15 years experience, Ryan Thompson spends most of his time designing websites and creating digital multimedia. He has also taught Photoshop and web design classes for five years, in the classroom as well as one-on-one in private lessons. He has earned Adobe Expert Certification in Photoshop CS5.

He brings both real-world experience and skill as a teacher, making even complex techniques and principles accessible to those he works with.



Locally in Madison, WI

We can meet anywhere within a 5-mile radius of 53703, typically at a coffee shop, your office, or other mutually convenient location. For one-on-one classes we can also meet at Ryan's office.


If you’re not in Madison, or perhaps traveling through the snow has got you down, we can easily meet online using a number of screen-sharing and meeting tools. It works great!

Book Classes for an Individual or Group

For one-on-one classes, we offer single classes at $75/hour or you can also get at a discount for purchasing block of five or more classes.

For groups, the rate is $75/hour for the first person, and then $20/hour for each additional person. We also offer discounts for purchasing class packages.