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WordPress Hosting Recommendations

I’ve dealt with many different hosts over the years, and have done my homework when it comes to finding a hosting company for my own and my clients’ WordPress sites. One big conclusion: It’s a hot mess out there in the land of hosting. From those who invest millions in advertising (but care little for user-friendliness) to those whose own websites look straight out of 1997, and with all the crazy technical jargon they thrust in your face, the search for a website hosting company can feel like shopping for a used car. Since WordPress rocks as a website platform, here are some WordPress hosting recommendations and tips to help guide your search.

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create a blog post in wordpress

How to Create a Blog Post in WordPress

Having lots of nice, juicy content in your website is one key ingredient in attracting visitors. All those great keywords written about specific topics will help ensure that people stumble upon your pages. So in this post we’re going to cover how to create a blog post in WordPress. How ironic!

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Login to WordPress.org site

How to Log Into a WordPress.org Site

Not sure how to log into a WordPress.org site? Don’t worry, this is a very common question for new WordPress site owners, and fortunately has a quick, easy solution 🙂 Here’s a a short video and step-by-step guide to logging into the WordPress administration area, where you can manage your site settings, add new content, and make changes to any part of your site:

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